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2022 Health Trends We Can Get Behind

Posted on Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Each new year features a new set of health and wellness trends. Everything from new superfoods to ways to get your mental house in order is dissected and disseminated. Which ones will actually help you in the New Year? We’ve broken it down for you.

Redefining Wellness

In the past, “healthy” has been synonymous with physical health. The new year will see a broadening of that definition to include mental health, immune health, emotional health and intellectual wellness. Balance will be an increasingly important word with people working to create healthy minds as well as healthy bodies.

Immune Health

According to Mindbody, a technology company that assists small business health and wellness providers, people will be more focused on the health of their immune systems. These services include light therapy, IV vitamin drips, detox programs, infrared saunas, salt therapies and B12 shots. Gyms and spas may will be offering holistic services that claim to better support your immune system.

Mental Health

Taking care of your mental health will go beyond taking personal days. Employers in particular will be looking for ways to help their employees. These may include better mental health benefits, access to onsite therapists, passes to wellness centers, no Zoom days and additional time off. Virtual therapist visits will be easier to access. The stigma against men seeking wellness services will be reduced.

Intellectual Health

Mindbody also predicts that intellectual health will be a trend. To do this, you simply have to engage in creative activities that encourage you to learn new skills and concepts. Expect to see people of all ages taking arts classes, doing online puzzles, and downloading brain gym apps.

Start Walking

Walking is an easy way to stay fit, decrease stress and refresh your mind. Amira residents enjoy walking our trails. Last year Vogue promoted the “silly little walk,” which is basically walking with no real purpose other than to be outdoors. Got an Apple Watch Fitness+ subscription? Then you can take an inspiring walk with the Time to Walk audio experience. Instead of music you take a virtual walk with influential people like Dolly Parton or Draymond Green. Of course, you can always just get out and put one foot in front of the other.

Speaking of Fitness Tech

Fitness technology will continue to evolve taking us from merely keeping track of steps to keeping track of key wellness indicators. Fitbits, Apple watches and Oura rings will take note of our body temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate variability and sleep quality and signal us if something doesn’t seem right.


Not ready to embrace a vegetarian diet? No sweat. You can simply reduce the amount of animal products you consume. Reducetarianism reduces your risk of heart disease, and certain types of cancers as well as reducing your carbon footprint. Reducetarianism is different from flexitarianism because the focus is on mindfulness and gradually replacing meat, dairy and eggs with other options.

Sleep Hygiene

We all know we need to get enough sleep. We even have trackers that tell us how much sleep we aren’t getting. 2022 will be the year we focus on better bedtime behavior. Reducing screen time, creating a more relaxing sleep environment, crafting a bedroom that encourages sleep and avoiding the foods that keep us up at night will all take center stage.

Mindful Drinking

Move over “Dry January,” people are about to have a year-round love affair with non-alcoholic drinks. Mindful drinking doesn’t involve cutting alcohol out of our diets, it simply means being aware of why we drink and how much. To help us, there will be an increase in the number of zero-proof spirits, wines and beers.

Move to Amira

Want to live in a place dedicated to helping you live and play better? Make the move to Amira. Pools, parks, trails and lifestyle events keep you active while our beautiful homes make cooking healthy meals easy and fun. Laughter is the best medicine, and our events bring neighbors together for fun and a strong sense of community. Visit us today.


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