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Amira's story

Amira pays tribute to a rich equestrian history that includes majestic horses and wealthy enthusiasts eager to retain the legendary animals. For years, the land that is now Amira was a ranch for elite Egyptian Arabian horses. Buyers from around the world traveled to the DeShazer Ranch where they watched from what is now The Resort at Amira as the horses were brought into a courtyard from surrounding stalls. While the paddocks are no longer in place, the show arena still serves four-legged animals — albeit much smaller ones. It is now known as Derby Dog Park. Other amenity names throughout the community also honor Amira’s equestrian
history — Pony Park, Preakness Pond and Reinwood Lake, to name a few.

In the immediate years before Amira was established, DeShazer Ranch was an elegant event venue, hosting upscale weddings and other special occasions. We are continuing that elegant offering by providing residents an exceptional community and amenity center for significant celebrations and everyday moments.