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Home Design Trends to Watch in 2023

Posted on Wednesday, January 18, 2023

A new home is a fresh start, an opportunity to showcase your interior design bona fides. That means keeping an eye on the latest trends and incorporating the ones you love. What’s new for 2023? We’ll break it down for you. If you are looking for more inspiration, visit the Beazer Homes and Perry Homes models in Amira.

More Enclosed Kitchens

The push-and-pull between open kitchens that allow chefs to interact with guests and closed kitchens that hide sinks full of dirty dishes has been constant over the past few years. 2023 may be the year they meet each other halfway with partially enclosed kitchens. Look for sliding barn doors and glass dividers that homeowners can open while entertaining and close after dinner. Alternatively, kitchens may be set back from dining or family rooms with archways or pillars delineating the space and high counters to hide dirty dishes.

Minimalism Gets the Boot

Shabby chic is giving way to “granny chic” as homeowners ditch minimalism for the comforts of past eras. Floral wallpaper, chintz curtains, wild stripes and cluttered end tables are replacing muted colors and sleek surfaces. Many homeowners will be adding a touch of sustainability to their décor by repurposing thrift store and attic finds.

Stripes and Plaids

Plaids have never really gone away, and stripes may be here to stay. Homeowners are leaning into making design statements with bold patterns on walls and furniture. Stripes add dimension to rooms and make them seem larger. Playful plaids add color and whimsy when used as accent pieces.

Flexible Floor Art

You’ve heard of statement walls? Say hello to statement rugs. Large or small, these rugs allow homeowners to personalize their homes without making a commitment to any one design style. Use bold colors and patterns to accent paint, wallpaper and furniture. Thinking about changing up your décor? Buy a different rug.

Dual Kitchen Islands

Today’s islands have become multi-purpose tools for entertaining, office space and homework centers. That doesn’t leave a lot of room for food preparation. Enter the second island. Tucked behind the main island, this space allows the chef to slice and dice without moving Junior’s science project.

The Beauty of Natural Stone

Designers are ditching tile backsplashes in favor of boldly colored stone slabs. Not only do you not have to replace the grout, but the same stone can also be used on countertops to create a waterfall effect. Marble is a classic choice, but quartzite is easier to clean while still providing a luxurious backdrop.

A Little Bit of Luxury

Gold accents are back, replacing nickel and stainless-steel cabinet hardware and fixtures. Opulence is also entering the laundry room with granite countertops, custom tile floors and backsplashes. Sterile white cabinets are getting splashes of color turning laundry rooms into showrooms.

Dark Wood

Far from making rooms feel closed in, dark wood adds a touch of luxury to any room. Contrast it with light-colored paint and furniture for a bold, classic look.

Hobby Rooms

Rooms that were once dedicated to children’s toys and office space are poised to become dedicated to adult hobbies as the population ages. Look for built-in storage cabinets, tables or desks and lots of shelving to display finished pieces.