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New Appliance Trends for the New Year

Posted on Friday, December 23, 2022

What’s new in appliances for 2023? We’re glad you asked. The new year promises to offer even more convenience, more technology, and more options than ever before. Look at what’s trending:

Smart Technology

Your kitchen and utility room are about to get smarter. You will be able to monitor and control your appliances via an app on your phone or tablet. Some can be voice-activated. Range hoods will automatically turn on as steam, smoke, and cooking fumes increase. Dishwashers will automatically dispense the right amount of detergent from an integrated reserve. Refrigerators will have cameras inside so you can see if you need to buy milk. Your washer and dryer will notify you when they are finished.

Cooking with Steam

What is the must-have appliance for 2023? Experts say steam ovens. Steam ovens use a built-in tank to heat water to a boil. The resulting steam is pushed into the oven and circulates to cook your food. It’s a healthy way to cook without butter or oils. Steam also keeps your oven squeaky clean and sanitized.

Induction Ranges

Induction ranges are better for the environment than gas. They are electric but heat your pots and pans by creating an electro-magnetic current. This cooks food more evenly. These ranges are also easier to clean. Many of the newer ones can be controlled by your smart phone or tablet.

Refrigerators Are Having Their Day

Think there’s nothing new in refrigerators? Think again. The biggest thing in refrigerators is the “family hub.” These screens are like your tablet. Family members can leave messages for each other, you can create a grocery list, and even stream movies and Spotify playlists. Some refrigerators can heat and dispense water for the perfect cup of tea. Refrigerators can even alert your smart phone if there is a problem that needs your attention.

Going Touchless

Keep your kitchen cleaner and healthier with touchless appliances. You can control your range the same way you do your smart phone or tablet with just a touch and a swipe. If you have a gas range, you will be able to control the intensity of the flame. Many of your appliances such as dishwashers will open when you touch or knock on them. Faucets in kitchens and bathrooms will operate with just the wave of a hand.

What About the Washer and Dryer?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being incorporated in many washers and dryers. Some washers can analyze your wash load then add the recommended amount of detergent and automatically adjust your wash settings. Others can talk to your dryer. When your wash cycle is done, the washer tells your dryer to pre-heat and even delivers information about your wash load.

Advanced Wine Cellars

Wine cellars are not new to kitchens, but 2023 cellars offer more than ever before. Some will be larger — taking up an entire wall or your kitchen island. Wine cellars use smart technology to automatically control the temperature. Some will even be divided by the needs of your vintages. One section can be set for wines you want to age and another for wines you want to serve in the future.

Built-in Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum sealers are popular for preserving food. While you can buy a small handheld device, built-in models are set to take 2023 by storm. You can have these built into your cabinetry or appliance space. This negates the need to find cupboard space and reminds you that it is easy to keep your food fresh for longer periods of time.